3 Affordable Ways To Cover A Chain-Link Fence For More Privacy

If you enjoy growing things, you might be in the market for a hedge. According to Architectural Digest, growing plants up and along your chain-link fence can both add privacy to your home and transform a functional borderline into a wonderland of fresh scents and bright blooms.

Climbing plants and vines lend themselves naturally to the task of growing up and over a chain-link fence. If you would prefer a hedge to a fence but don’t have time to grow one, faux greenery is quick to install and require no maintenance, water, or trimming, though it may cost a lot more than the other options (via PrivacyLink).

If you are thinking about growing living plants to provide an extra privacy barrier, you need to be aware of the increased maintenance this will require, as well as consider the strength of your fence. According to The Gardening Cook, the weight of a wall covered in vines could make it unstable after a time, so you need to keep the plants in check but also provide enough water and fertility for them to grow.

You will also want to consider the cycle of the seasons as you plant — some varieties will be large and bushy and cover the fence well at certain times of the year and die back at others. It’s no good having a privacy fence all of May, which is then dead and see-through by September!

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