5 signs that an altcoin bull run could be underway By Cointelegraph

While 2022 ended on a grim note with macro headwinds providing little hope of a revival in 2023, the start of a new year has surprised bears with a surge in (BTC), Ether (ETH) and altcoin prices. The period of sparse volatility in the crypto market appears to be ending with a breakout on the upside.

The increase has been particularly striking in some altcoins such as Lido (LIDO), (SOL), and (ADA). The primary factors promoting the spike in these coins are the upcoming Shanghai update (for LIDO) and the negative funding rate in the futures market, especially for SOL. The negative rates implies that most traders are holding short positions, giving an opportunity for whale buyers to run their stop losses. Funding rates for some other tokens remain exposed to a short squeeze.

Funding rate for SOL perpetual swaps. Source: Coinglass
Funding rate for altcoins across crypto exchanges. Source: Coinglass
BONK price chart. Source: CoinGecko
Total market capitalization of altcoin (excluding Bitcoin). Source: TradingView
Altcoins outperform Bitcoin during bull markets. Source: TradingView
Bitcoin (orange) Ethereum (blue) dominance over the crypto market. Source: TradingView
Social media volume for “buy the dip” and “bottom” key words. Source: Santiment