A Detailed Guide On The Hottest Projects On The Coin Market – Cardano, Chainlink, and AdirizeDAO

There are hundreds of crypto projects in different parts of the world today. An interesting thing to note about these projects is that they all have different utilities. You must identify which of these blockchain-based projects has long-term potential. By investing in a hot project, you stand the chance of growing your portfolio exponentially. This piece will reveal essential details on the hottest projects in the coin market – Cardano (ADA), Chainlink (LINK), and AdirizeDAO (ADI).

Cardano (ADA)

When cryptocurrencies were initially discovered, they were designed with a proof-of-work mechanism. While the PoW systems were revolutionary and were the start of the modern-day crypto market, they quickly proved inefficient. Much research has gone into the crypto mechanisms behind several projects in the crypto space. The proof-of-stake mechanism has stood out when compared to other projects in the crypto space. This technology is what powers the Cardano cryptocurrency. By pooling together cryptocurrency assets from its holders, Cardano can seamlessly support its transactions. The proof-of-stake mechanism is considerably faster and requires less energy than the proof-of-work.

Cardano is a popular decentralized project today and will support decentralized applications with smart contracts. Several impressive projects include a hostel on Cardano. A stake refers to a holder’s interest in preserving the network. Rewards are distributed to those who stake with the platform. The rewards will be distributed based on the total amount staked. ADA is the native token on the platform. Users can use this token to stake in the liquidity pool, pay transaction fees, and distribute it as a platform reward.

Chainlink (LINK)

A good characteristic of a viable crypto project is having an impressive use case. The utility of a crypto token will go a long way to determine how much it will be accepted in the coin market. A crypto token with a high utility will gain recognition quickly in the crypto space and gain plenty of value. Chainlink has reached its heights today because it has an impressive use case. While other cryptocurrencies are spending their time trying to be the best blockchain for smart contracts, Chainlink adopts something entirely different. Yes, Chainlink has gained an impressive reputation as a crypto project connecting blockchain data to external data.


Chainlink is designed to be the middleware between the blockchain and external digital data, such as football scores, stock market prices, etc. Because of its impressive use case, developers can use Chainlink for on and off-blockchain computations. These computations are referred to as hybrid smart contracts. Using Chainlink will grant you access to Terra, Solana, and Ethereum blockchains. You can imagine the number of decentralized applications and blockchain-based projects you’ll have access to. LINK is the symbol of this blockchain’s native token. It’s a form of payment for those who collateralize or secure the network. Finally, Chainlink is an open-source cryptocurrency code hosted on the Ethereum network.

AdirizeDAO (ADI)

Another hot crypto coin that everyone’s talking about is AdirizeDAO. Many crypto enthusiasts, traders and analysts just can’t shut up about what this cryptocurrency plans to achieve. AdirizeDAO is a stablecoin that aims to survive on its privately-owned pool of crypto assets. There are many reasons why anyone would like to purchase AdirizeDAO. The first thing worth noting about this crypto token is its plans to stand out from the rest of its community and the norm in the stablecoin sector. It wants to take a different approach from other stablecoins pegged with the US Dollar. Being pegged to the dollar meant institutional control elements were still in play.

To ensure that its price stays stable, the development team at AdirizeDAO will focus on token supply expansion instead of market price appreciation. If you wish to join the AdirizeDAO bandwagon, you can learn so much about it via their website.


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