Big Eyes Coin, Vechain, And Chainlink Are Three Gems In 2022

The cryptocurrency market is filled with many untapped potentials, and we see this daily by the number of projects investors can maximize on. Despite market conditions, some tokens are still performing well, indicating there is more to look forward to in the market. Big eyes coin(BIG) is one such token. It is a meme coin project that has shown potential since its week one presale raising around $1 million. It’s the seventh week of the presale, and the meme coin has accumulated close to $13 million dollars. Experts are convinced that big eyes coin is well on its path to creating massive wealth for investors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu did in 2022. The meme coin presale is still on and presents the opportunity to buy the BIG token at the lowest price possible.

On the flip side, Vechain and Chain link are two cryptocurrencies experts believe investors should have in their portfolios in 2022. Both cryptocurrencies have shown massive potential for growth and are low-risk investment options for those looking to make the most of their investments.

Vechain Elevates

VeChainThor, formerly known as Chain (VET), is a platform that promises to lower entry barriers and make it possible for current enterprises to utilize the benefits of blockchain technology to address real-world issues. It is a system that enables features targeted toward improving the use of blockchain technology globally. VeChainThor’s blockchain carries an increasing amount of value from enterprise applications. VeChainThor aims to provide technical features specifically tailored to the everyday person’s requirements and users, developers, and businesses across the globe.

It was built on the Ethereum blockchain, after which it relaunched and transitioned to its own blockchain system in 2018. It offers to help new businesses unfamiliar with the blockchain terrains build and transition into the network seamlessly.

Chainlink(LINK) – Bringing Connection

Chainlink(LINK) has secured its spot as one of the leading systems in the market. It is a cryptocurrency and oracle network that gives blockchains access to real-world data. It is a system that focuses on providing data for blockchain networks and helping them improve their efficacy. It is one of the main data sources for getting information in the DeFi ecosystem. The network is operated by enabling smart contracts to access real-world data, meaning that individuals can access their required data on the platform without going through any third-party system. The network solved the problem of linking smart contract functionalities to accessing real work data outside the blockchain community.

Big Eyes Coin(BIG) Rises Above And Beyond Any Reasonable Expectation

Big eyes coin is a meme coin project that looks to surpass meme coins that have come before. It is a new project that takes a different approach with meme coins in creating a community with more than just fun and entertainment. It looks to provide real-world applications and offerings to its community and help users build wealth. It also aims to bring in as many people into the crypto space as possible.

Big eyes coin focuses on building a community of cat lovers and meme coin enthusiasts while offering them various memes of earning. Big eyes coin intends to build on the Ethereum blockchain and leverage the blockchain’s DeFi features. It looks like a DeFi solution and offers the best meme coin features including gaming, metaverse, NFTs and more. The presale has been on for a while and has been successful since week 1. You can still join the network if you want to make massive profits in 2022. Join here before the token launches.


Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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