BudBlockz (BLUNT) To Replace Chainlink (LINK) as the New Must-Have Crypto in Your Portfolio

Chainlink is an important part of many crypto investors’ portfolios. While some projects have been green, LINK still struggles to recover. High volatility is one of the main deterrents and can be discouraging even for its most avid supporters. If you are looking for a must-have crypto project, here’s why you should consider BudBlockz instead. 

BudBlockz (BLUNT) – A Key Project for Innovation

BudBlockz is cementing itself as the first decentralized platform for marijuana enthusiasts and investors. This is one of the most exciting crypto projects on the market and requires only $50 as a minimum investment. 

Essentially, the platform is a hub for anyone interested in the global marijuana industry. On the one hand, it will be a safe haven for anyone looking to purchase weed products, as long as they reside in a location where consumption is legal. 

On the other hand, anyone can invest in weed businesses thanks to the NFT collection, known as Ganja Guruz. BLUNT token holders can also obtain discounts and other rewards for participating in the ecosystem. In addition to this, BudBlockz is also developing a play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that rewards players. 

The project is still in its presale stage, but crypto experts believe BudBlockz to be one of the key crypto projects of this year, thanks to its unlimited growth potential. As the first decentralized marijuana platform in the world. BudBlockz stands to benefit massively from the acceptance and legalization of weed products.  Weed is legal in 21 states in the US.

The legalization has strong economic benefits for participants in the industry, so essentially the platform is the first one. Blunt is here to bridge the gap between the high-growth marijuana industry and the crypto markets. This is one of the strongest drivers of why BudBlockz is a must-have crypto in your portfolio.  

The LINK token is used as payment for users who ensure the operation of the network. Chainlink operates an oracle network that provides blockchains with access to off-chain data, such as events, payment methods, and other external data feeds. 

Chainlink’s LINK has been faltering lately. It has weakened considerably against Ethereum and Bitcoin, and its trading volume has decreased. Despite multiple developments, LINK’s holders may need to wait for a long time until they see the coin closer to its all-time high of around $52.70 in May 2021. At press time, the coin is down 86% compared to its all-time high. 

Bottom Line

BudBlockz is at the crossroads between two industries with the highest growth in 2023 – blockchain technology and marijuana products. The demand for legalization, first-mover advantage, and low starting capital is only a few of the attractive benefits that skyrocketed BudBlockz’s popularity among investors and marijuana users alike. The ongoing presale stage is a great opportunity to purchase the BLUNT tokens at a discount and participate in two of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy. 

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