Cryptocurrencies Taking Over The Crypto Market: Petrousus, Polygon, And Chainlink.

Petrousus (PSUS) is a cryptocurrency that was created to provide its users with single-point access to the services available in DeFi. 
It was built on the Binance Smart Chain network and it is a community-driven token.
Petrousus will enable fast transactions and will reduce the amounts of mistakes that could be made and it will serve as a host for a smart feature development that will be responsible for focusing on the functionality of a blockchain. 

The team at Petrousus chose the Binance Smart Chain to use as an added advantage for the token as the BSC network has the biggest crypto broken currently as their trading volumes are large. It is also the third on the list of cryptocurrencies with the best ecosystems to build on, choosing to build on BSC is a great choice.

What Makes ThePetrousus Ecosystem A Great One?
The Petrousus (PSUS) token was created with the image of a platform that does not need traditional financing in mind, it’ll exist on the prospect of individuals finally being able to control all aspects of their finances, with the use of the PSUS token.

What Makes ThePetrousus Token A Unique One?
Petrousus has an aim to help as many people as possible create a financial getaway that offers them easy use of their services like lending and borrowing.
Petrousus has a desire to help make borrowing and lending or just carrying out transactions easy tasks without having to run to the use of traditional financing systems, this will help in building a better financial ecosystem.

The platform will grow at a transparent pace.

What Is The Vision Of The Petrousus (PSUS) Token?
The vision of the Petrousus token is to give individuals full autonomy of their financial status and to help empower as many people as possible with the means to increase their wealth, regardless of whatever financial status they have.

If wealth is properly circulated, it’ll help create a better ecosystem and things would move at a more smooth pace.

Petrousus Token Economics.
The native token of the Petrousus platform is $PSUS.
50% of the tokens would be used for research and development, 20% would be used for the running costs of the platform and 30% would be used for sales and also for marketing the tokens.

The Petrousus platform would be governed by token holders, each of its users has the right to make decisions for the platform, however, you must own and stake tokens to make proposals for the Petrousus platform.

Chainlink (LINK)
Chainlink (LINK)  is a decentralized system of nodes created to connect data and information from outside a blockchain to on-chain smart contracts. It helps enhance smart contract capabilities by allowing them to gain access to real-world data and off-chain computing while retaining the security of blockchain technology.

Polygon (MATIC) 
Polygon (MATIC) is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform that aids developers in building scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without there being any need to tamper with its security. It is a very secure platform.

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