Digital wallet platform Liminal concludes integration with Tezos blockchain

Tezos India, an Indian blockchain adoption studio, has announced that Liminal, a digital wallet operations infrastructure platform, has completed integration with the Tezos blockchain. It is believed that the objective behind this integration is to allow investors a decentralised finance (DeFi) service experience on Tezos. 

“We look forward to have partnered with Liminal. The partnership aims to help both companies move closer to achieving their shared objectives of making digital assets secure and effective,” Amanjot Malhotra, head of growth, Tezos India, said.

According to the blockchain platform, their in-house developers’ team has worked with the Liminal team to make this integration a reality, providing support on everything starting from parsing and indexing blockchain data, to generating appropriate transactions, MPC signatures, smart contracts, among others, and injecting them into the Tezos blockchain and so on.

Going forward, this integration aims to enable both Tezos and Liminal to work towards making digital assets such as cryptocurrencies/tokens, among others, safer and rewarding for individuals and businesses without compromising in terms of security and ownership. 

“We look forward to announce this flagship partnership program for the Tezos ecosystem. We believe that this program will help secure the projects building on Tezos. It will also ensure that users and Web3.0 builders have full autonomy over their digital assets,” Manan Vora, senior vice-president of strategy and operations, Liminal, commented. 

Going by Tezos India’s official website, it is a blockchain-adoption startup based in Bengaluru and funded by Tezos Foundation to grow the Tezos ecosystem in India. As innovation in the blockchain space advances in India, Tezos India aims to strive to address barriers facing blockchain adoption to date in India, through developer adoption, education and training, and ecosystem development.

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