Ethereum Name Service: Strong Community, Weak Investment Case (ENS-USD)

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One of the more interesting crypto tokens to explore this crypto winter might be Ethereum Name Service (ENS-USD). It is a domain protocol built on the Ethereum (ETH-USD) blockchain. In this article, we’ll look at

ENS Market Data

ENS Market Data (OpenSea)

Rank Organization Treasury Lifetime Participants (sorted)
1 ENS $861m 87.2k
2 GMX N/A 51.8k
3 PancakeSwap $11.1K 49.2k
4 AAVE $97.9m 42.3k
5 Wonderland $239.7m 38.8k

ENS Token Top 100 Wallets

ENS Token Top 100 Wallets (etherscan)

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