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The chance to invest in a great crypto while still during pre-sale doesn’t come along very often. When it does, you arguably need to jump at the chance. With the right pre-sale, you can pick up a token before it heads onto the mainstream exchanges, giving you even more bang for your buck on a token that should continue to rise in price. While not every pre-sale is successful, the ones that are give early investors huge upsides. Most regular investors only get involved in coins once they’re easy to buy on the main exchanges, so if they flourish there, those who invested earlier will be making even more profits.

That’s the opportunity you get with GLO, which has been experiencing extraordinary demand recently. It could go on to rival other successes like Ethereum, which has also recently noticed an increase in demand. And imagine if you had been given the opportunity to invest in some other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum while they were still in pre-sale and before they had entered mainstream markets. You could be lining up your next Lambo purchase right now. So pre-sales shouldn’t be ignored, especially when they have the range of credentials that GLO has…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is still in pre-sale and has been experiencing a huge amount of demand. This gives investors confidence that the price could surge once it hits mainstream exchanges. GLO has a ton of benefits for its holders, and also listens to them with full DAO votes. But it’s GLO’s incredible deflationary measures which have really been getting attention. These include a full and diversified asset store of value in the GLO vault, made up from a range of products that even include digitized versions of real-world gold. Another deflationary measure includes GLO’s incredible dual burn mechanics which burn more coins and increase scarcity over time. All of these things give early investors an incredibly unique opportunity.

Ethereum (ETH)

The Ethereum merge was recently announced, which flooded new confidence back into ETH and helped recover some bear market losses. ETH 2.0 should solve key issues that have been holding the blockchain back by improving transaction speeds and lowering gas fees. Despite being held back for some time by these two issues, Ethereum has still managed to establish itself as the heart of blockchain application developments, and is home to countless other important projects. With these issues fixed, ETH could surge even further.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink has been one of the mainstays of the altcoin world for some time, and it still has a positive future. But there’s a reason why some LINK holders have been moving their investments into ETH recently, because they see much more upside there. Both could be good for your portfolio right now.


GLO, ETH and LINK all have good potential. But it’s only with GLO that you get the opportunity to invest in a coin in pre-sale that has all the credentials needed for long-term success.

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