Floki Inu And Chainlink Collaborate To Enhance Protocol

The integration of Chainlink Keepers service with Floki Inu’s token-locking system, FlokiFi Locker, has been announced. The most recent innovation is an extension of Floki Inu’s dedication to enhancing the effectiveness of its services and growing its user base. The process of users locking tokens through FlokiFi Locker should become quicker, more efficient, and more safe thanks to Chainlink Keepers, a decentralised service created to manage duties on behalf of smart contracts.

This is not the first time the two cryptocurrency startups have worked together. Chainlink and Floki Inu previously collaborated on integrating the Chainlink Price Feeds service into FlokiFi Locker. The FlokiFi Locker now offers the accurate price display for token locking in many networks as a result of that invention.

In addition to having a thriving community, Floki Inu has partnerships and synergies that have advanced the project’s storyline. In reality, Floki Inu revealed publicly on Twitter on December 3 that Chainlink had been integrated into the platform as part of a calculated attempt to enter the DeFi market.

This connection could provide Floki with access to the tamper-proof price feeds required to read an accurate on-chain pricing and play a critical role in facilitating the smooth operation of Floki’s P2E NFT game. According to the platform, the change will also make HODLing tokens simpler while enabling users to stake, lend, and borrow in the future.

In addition, Floki teamed with Bayer 04 Leverkusen, a dominant force in the Bundesliga and a German professional football club. This increased the altcoin’s visibility. Thus, the query: Why does the coin still have a market cap ranking of 2800 while having a respectable number of partnerships and integrations?

Courageous Floki Inu community

The vast majority of cryptocurrency assets struggled to build value and are now worthless. The potential for growth of these assets has been taken into consideration by the community, however some residents have expressed concern regarding price stagnation. A significant member of the Floki Inu team decided to resolve the problem at a recent AMA that took place in July 2022.

The bear market has caused extreme difficulty for the market as a whole. The impact of FLOKI was one of them. Over the last three months, there has been a dramatic fall in the meme currency.

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