Menswear Brand Psycho Bunny Drops Exclusive NFTs Designed by Street Artist Buff Monster

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I always appreciate the challenge of melding my style with a brand. I explored a ton of ideas because there are so many ways to use my visual language to reinterpret the Psycho Bunny logo. [The NFTs I created for them] have the benefit of not being constrained by physical printing technologies.

Launching today, menswear brand Psycho Bunny is marking its entry into the metaverse with two back to back releases of 100 limited edition NFTs followed by 5 unique NFTs in an exclusive collaboration with renowned street artist Buff Monster. Super fans of the brand’s infamous bunny can digitally own one-of-a-kind limited edition art marking their foray onto the blockchain, encouraging discussion, collection, and trade amongst followers. This digital collaboration reinforces the brand’s mission of inspiring self-expression and supporting independent artists, thus furthering the creative economy and expanding the footprint of the digital creative community.

New York City street artist Buff Monster, known for his pop art meets graffiti style, reinterpreted the unconventional logo synonymous with Psycho Bunny. His unique, drippy take on the iconic skull and crossbones bunny will be made in 6 different colorways to create an edition of 100, limited edition NFTs, and 5, one-of-one NFTs. Available on a first come, first served basis, the 100 NFTS will be minted into the blockchain for a fixed ethereum (ETH) price of .04ETH for the limited edition and .1 ETH for the unique one-of-one edition.

“I was happy when Psycho Bunny reached out about working on a project together,” says artist Buff Monster. “It’s a cool brand with a good history of artist collaborations, and I always appreciate the challenge of melding my style with a brand’s style. In this case, I explored a ton of ideas because as simple as their logo is, there are so many ways to use my visual language to reinterpret it. And I pushed the ideas even further for the six additional NFTs in the collection. Those have the added benefit of not being constrained by physical printing technologies; I created those pieces digitally and they’ll remain digital. In the end, it’s a nice little collection of new and unique pieces that I hope the die-hard Psycho Bunny fans really appreciate.”

Founded in 2005 with a mission of creating the perfect polo, Psycho Bunny has developed a cult following thanks to their commitment to quality, their eye-popping colors and an unconventional logo that stands apart in the sea of sameness. They have since expanded from polos to tees, French terry fleece, technical outerwear, and so much more. The irreverent brand offers a playground for self-expression, with clothes that let the consumer wear their personality on their sleeve and their character on their collar.

“Consumers are starved for bespoke experiences that are tailored for them by their favorite brands, and we see the metaverse as the future of customer interactions,” says Justin Cohen, Chief Commercial Officer of Psycho Bunny. “NFTs represent a way for our fans and customers to have digital ownership over a piece of the brand and the collaboration continues our mission of supporting the arts and independent artists and allows us to to invest in the collective freedom of the metaverse.”

Launch event for the collection will take place at Aventura Mall in Florida where customers can purchase a limited edition Buff Monster tee, available only at the Aventura Mall store and online at Miami-based consumers can immerse themselves in a walkthrough of the physical BUNNYVERSE booth, meet the artist for a t-shirt signing, and enjoy live music over tasteful bites and drinks.

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