MoonPay & Universal Studios To Drop NFTs On Halloween

Crypto fintech firm, MoonPay, has big plans to make NFTs an experience for theme park visitors in Orlando and Hollywood Universal. Its upcoming collaboration will see the launch of the most giant NFT scavenger hunt at Universal Studios’ parks for its long-running ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ program.

The NFTs will feature unique Halloween characters and be powered by HyperMint, MoonPay’s utility NFT minting platform.

Visitors to the park will not even need to know how to set up a crypto wallet to participate in the NFT scavenger hunt. Each park will have seven QR codes hidden throughout it that, when scanned, will mint an NFT.

Those who find and scan all seven will receive a special NFT that will unlock additional benefits. These NFTs will be used as proof of attendance protocols, or digital tokens that prove someone attended an event such as the Halloween Horror Nights scavenger hunt.

MoonPay believes that millions of people will take their first steps into Web3 during the course of this initiative, whether they realize it or not. There is the potential to mint nearly seven million NFTs. “This is probably the largest ever POAP — proof of attendance [protocol NFT drop] in history” MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright said.

In June, MoonPay announced the launch of HyperMint, which allows businesses to mint up to 100 million NFTs at once.

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