OpenEarth Foundation and Chainlink Collaborate to Launch a Carbon-Pricing Oracle

A new collaboration has formed between OpenEarth and Chainlink to release a carbon-pricing oracle. The purpose of the project would be to provide precise on-chain carbon costs. In its announcement, OpenEarth mentioned that the project will offer carbon’s genuine social price to blockchains. For this, it will be benefitted from the unique scientific models for the provision of an exact assessment of carbon’s social price.

OpenEarth Foundation and Chainlink Partner up to Introduce a Tool for Precise Carbon Pricing

The oracle will reportedly enable the institutions to get in a better position to eradicate their climate effect by precisely pricing the carbon emissions’ social cost. The social cost of carbon (or SCC) assesses the evaluated economic harm linked with every extra ton emission of carbon dioxide. This takes account of the factors like the effect on the well-being of humans, the environment, and agriculture.

It is turning into a significant climate metric available currently. It drives initiatives and policies that assist in terminating the negative impact of environmental change. The institutions pay a lot of attention to gauging the social cost of carbon to organize as well as minimize their environmental influence along. This assists them in positioning themselves to be effective in having a low-carbon economy.

This is also given importance because of the mounting regulatory strains in addition to the increasing customer demand for investments, services, and eco-friendly products. To determine the social cost of carbon, there is a requirement for a carbon price instrument that operates internally. The respective tool associates a monetary value to the emissions of greenhouse gas.

The Tool Covers Several Areas to Assist Institutions in Making Better Decisions

As a result, the firms can make additional strategic and wise decisions to minimize their influence on the climate as well as conversion to low-carbon activities. Apart from that, a prominent part of the aforementioned instrument is that the openly accessible integrated assessment models (IAMs) will be delivered by the Chainlink oracle node. These models will be related to the on-chain carbon pricing.

Keeping in view the advanced mechanism for carbon pricing, several aspects would be covered by the tool. These factors take into account energy projections, discount rates, equity weighting, diverse economic variables, policy scenarios, social aspects, as well as the rest of the chief parameters. The institutions will be assisted by the Chainlink Carbon Pricing Oracle to more precisely gauge the social cost of carbon.

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