PRICE Prediction for Chainlink: Purchasing Big Eyes for 10x Gains Could be a Better Option in 2022

Cryptocurrencies have been an essential part of the world’s economy since their inception and have continued to grow and gain massive adoption worldwide. Many cryptocurrencies have been created to offer different solutions and services to individual and world economic issues. Chainlink (LINK) is one such cryptocurrency, created to proffer solutions regarding rewards for users and buyers in the community. Although the token has the necessities for these rewards and more, one man cannot have it all, and there will always be something better than the former. Big Eyes (BIG) is a token that has been made to bring more advanced features for reward and transactional activities in the crypto space.

What is Unique About the Chainlink (LINK) Token?

With the collective use of blockchain technology, smart contracts, and external data sources, Chainlink (LINK) provides its community (users and purchasers) with incentives that are distributed by its computers which are all networked together. The fees involved in this and other transactional activities on the platform are paid with the token, but this seems to be on the high side due to how its mechanics were designed.

The users communicate, forming a social networking cycle with the Chainlink (LINK) token as the moderator for such interactions. NFTs on the platform are dynamic, meaning they can be moved and manipulated by both internal and external figures who access the system. Although this provides transparency, the security isn’t fully assured due to hackers gaining access and causing potential harm to users’ assets on the system.

Price Predictions Made for Chainlink (LINK) for the Remaining Part of 2022

Due to the everchanging bearish market, the information provided may not be accurate but is still worth the benefit of the doubt. Through analysis, two different sites carried out this research to predict the future of Chainlink (LINK).

Long Forecast predicts the prices to be between $6.45 and $9.07 in August 2022, $7.60 by the end of August, $4.50 & $5.34 by the end of 2022, and $6.24/$7.99 by July 2025. Digital Coin Price predicts the prices to be $9.64 in August 2022, $10.21 by the end of 2022, $9.86 by 2023, $9.98 by 2024, $13.01 by 2025, and $31.03 by 2030.

Why is the Big Eyes (BIG) Token a Good Purchase?

With Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFTs still in the infancy stage, Big Eyes has been created to make proper use of this opportunity. The platform’s mechanism was designed to build an ecosystem using the Ethereum blockchain technology which improves and grows in its stead. Users will also have use of Non-Fungible Tokens to enable Big Eyes (BIG) users to get content and access events through the NFT Sushi Crew. This could create more hype around the token and boost performance on the market, thereby attracting more users and buyers into its community.

This potentially billion-dollar currency, Big Eyes (BIG), was created in Washington DC and took the community’s well-being to a new level. When Big Eyes (BIG) tokens are used for transactions on the platform, there will be no fees or taxes charged, making for an excellent platform for those who transact on it –  unlike Chainlink (LINK), which has charges placed on its transactional activities.

Their charity cause is saving the ocean and 5% of the total minted tokens will be allotted for this cause, an edge further proving its concern for the world’s welfare and advancement, unlike Chainlink (LINK) which has narrowed features and services for just the users and buyers on its platform.

The tax system set up by the Big Eyes project team will have the purchasers of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens come first regarding fee flexibility, and the profits from the stable NFT collection trade will be put to the vote on whether to be burned or not. Big Eyes (BIG) tokens not burned will serve as a further reward system for the users and purchasers of the tokens. So from all that is said, the users and purchasers who make up the community stand to gain from the Big Eyes platform’s features and services a true depiction of care and gratefulness for their activeness and participation.

What is Big Eyes’ (BIG) Plan to Succeed in the Crypto Market?

An unofficial meme coin popularity contest to determine which meme coin made it to the top will be in focus to promote the Big Eyes (BIG) token. The team and developers will work on media advertisements to further bring information about the Big Eyes (BIG) token and its many benefits to potential users and buyers. This could increase the chance of sparking the interest of many as the community grows and tales of Big Eyes (BIG) keep spreading in 2022 and beyond through the mouths of those who have heard. Furthermore, cat welfare is an essential aspect of the Big Eyes (BIG) tokens’ functionality. With the rate of pollution in the world’s oceans being steady, this natural habitat for the fish of the sea must be kept clean and habitable. Fishes are a significant food source for cats, and a healthy fish equals a healthy cat, so this has been taken into a great deal of consideration. A portion of the minted tokens will be allotted for this cause.

The community is the most significant part of any crypto project, and Big Eyes is no exception. The project has established structures to appreciate holders of its token and will continue to do so for as long as it remains. Holders of the Big Eyes (BIG) tokens will receive rewards and incentives. If the community is well rewarded, it will encourage more work and activeness, thereby enhancing the growth and increased adoption of Big Eyes (BIG) globally.

With the increased hype for NFTs in 2022, Big Eyes has swung into a swift response to make good use of the opportunity by creating an NFT art contest that will enable buyers to participate in events organized by the platform. An autonomous and well-functioning system like this will surely take Big Eyes NFTs into the top 10 spots on the market, which further provides Big Eyes (BIG) with the opportunity to grow and increase in the ever-competitive crypto market.

Furthermore, there will be merch creation for the Big Eyes platform, both physical and digital brands, to raise funds for the project and its plans to eradicate ocean pollution. Through this merchandise, advertisements will be done to promote the Big Eyes (BIG) tokens as they are being worn or used worldwide. With beautiful and unique designs, the merchandise will capture the hearts of many by checking out what its token can offer and how many benefits they would be able to exploit in the long run.

The Tokenomics of Big Eyes (BIG)

  • 200,000,000,000 Big Eyes (BIG) tokens have been minted with no taxes attached for the buying and selling of the tokens. The ticker symbol for the ticket is “BIG”.
  • 70% of the tokens will be made available for public presale.
  • 20% of the tokens will be for exchanges.
  • 5% of the tokens will be for the marketing wallet (this marketing wallet will be handled by the team and will remain there to boost the token’s performance on the crypto market potentially).
  • 5% of the tokens will be held for charity. These tokens will be made visible for the community members to see to prove the Big Eyes platform’s transparency further.

For its reward system, 10% of the tax NFTs will be distributed as follows:

  • 4% will go to the original seller of the NFT.
  • 5% will go to the holders of the NFT.
  • 1% will go to the charity to save the ocean.

How to Buy Big Eyes (BIG)

After deciding to purchase Big Eyes (BIG), the following steps are to be taken:


A meta mask wallet has to be installed on your desktop browser or have a trust wallet app installed on your mobile device.


Copy and paste the link on the wallet browser.

The form which will be opened should be filled with your correct details. Select the token for payment and set the number of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens you require.

Step 3

The Big Eyes (BIG) tokens will be sent when the presale is completed.

With a lot of research being done on both tokens, we have been able to explain that the Chainlink (LINK) token provides the benefits of a reward system and transparency through its dynamic NFTs. In contrast, the Big Eyes (BIG) token provides a rewarding system with no taxes for its users and purchasers, no fees on transactions, and an approach to cater to the oceans in the world and eradicate their pollution. This information shows how these tokens could potentially serve users and buyers who may be interested in the project.

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