Ripple General Counsel Sees Digital Assets As the Future, Says Crypto Is Here to Stay

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Alderoty solidly throws his weight behind crypto’s future success.

In a recent Politico Live interview, Stuart Alderoty, the General Counsel at Ripple, was asked to give his prediction on the future of crypto.

Responding to the question, Alderoty said at this early stage; it is difficult to tell how things will be for crypto in the future. He added that the question was similar to asking people in 1995 to comment on the future of the internet. However, Alderoty is confident that cryptocurrency is here to stay and would play an integral role in different sectors globally.

Alderoty’s Comment

What I do know is that crypto is here to stay. It is the future. If you don’t understand it, you’re not alone,” Alderoty was quoted as saying, adding: “You probably didn’t understand the internet to the extent that you’re alive in 1995, and you probably can explain the internet today that you know it is something you cannot live without.”

Ripple’s general counsel sees cryptocurrency and blockchain as tools that will go on to improve people’s lives on a personal level. However, he believes the responsibility of making crypto and blockchain a force to reckon with on a global scale is on developers and entrepreneurs.

“How [does] that manifest itself? I think it’s really up to the geniuses and the entrepreneurs, engineers, and the coders who know the inner workings of this technology function,” he concluded.

Alderoty Also Calls for Clear Crypto Regulations

While Alderoty is confident that technology experts will contribute immensely to the future of crypto, he has not failed to call for clearer crypto regulation to enable the industry to thrive.

This has prompted him to slam the SEC on different occasions for seeking to self-appoint itself as the cop on the beat for crypto. As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Alderoty said the Securities and Exchange Commission is prioritizing protecting its turf at the expense of U.S. citizens, following its regulatory approach in the crypto sector.

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