Samsung, Google, BlackRock feature among 40 top blockchain and crypto investors

Samsung Google BlackRock among 40 top firms investing in blockchain and crypto

Samsung, Google, BlackRock among 40 top firms investing in blockchain and crypto

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In contrast to exercise caution call by experts to investors, top global firms Samsung, Google’s parent Alphabet, and BlackRock Inc are among the largest publicly traded entities that have invested in blockchain and crypto companies between September 2021 and June 2022, shows a a study by crypto intelligence platform Blockdata.

As per the study, during the nine-month period, as many as 40 major companies invested in businesses operating in the blockchain and crypto industries.

With 13 investments, Samsung topped the list as the most active investor, followed by UOB with seven, Citigroup with six, and Goldman Sachs with five.

Alphabet, BlackRock, Samsung have been part of biggest funding rounds

A breakdown of the rounds revealed that Alphabet, with $1.5 billion across four rounds, and BlackRock, with $1.1 billion across three rounds, were the major investors in the largest funding rounds.

Other major players that invested in blockchain startups around the same time include Morgan Stanley, Samsung, Goldman Sachs, BNY Mellon, and PayPal.

As per Blockdata, the top 40 firms spent nearly $6 billion in blockchain and crypto startups. “In most cases, we cannot determine how much money these corporations have invested, as they participate in funding rounds with multiple or many other investors,” Blockdata study revealed.

Over the course of 71 rounds, 61 blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses raised investments. These blockchain and crypto firms are spread over 20 sectors, with 65 use cases. Several of these businesses operate in domains like gaming, distributed ledger technology (DLT), and the arts and entertainment.

Nineteen of the firms offer non-fungible token (NFT) solutions and services, 12 are marketplaces, some of which facilitate the exchange of NFTs; and eleven are gaming firms.

Businesses that provide NFT solutions, marketplaces, and gaming have a lot of use cases in common.

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