Shorter Finance speedrun receiving investment from OpenAI Startup Fund as foremost blockchain project

OpenAI, dedicated to creating artificial general intelligence products, has been witnessed in the recent two years for its clout exact from various big names on social media after the increasing worldwide adoption ramps its usage up constantly.

The San Francisco-based nonprofit frontier labs erected its OpenAI Startup Fund in October 2022 after months of explosive user growth. A strand of technology giants, like Microsoft, have chips in the fund craving for the tide of the times. Unblurring OpenAI Startup Fund’s ambition, its desire to catch the next project that can be the last forever missing piece of OpenAI’s domain repeatedly and integrate the possibilities into its flourishing ecosystem.

As a multi-talented DeFi project, close shots of Shorter Finance in the red blanket were not rare alongside its occupations in the trend lists of multiple renowned communities. It has been reportedly selected as the most underlined item on the DeFi project showcase, especially during its ka-ching from the private equity giant KKR, reflecting an avatar of the major paradigm shifts slashing the whole industry in the bear backdrop.

The dedicated review team of OpenAI Startup Fund, including Sam, the co-founder of OpenAI, immediately conducted several intensive discussions with Shorter Finance’s team as they received the application of Shorter Finance. They analyzed the project from diverse angles and issued an investment invitation within less than three weeks.

During a dynamic interview with WSJ about the well-reasoned investment decision, Sam and his colleagues stressed that they wouldn’t dismiss the future run on the web3 technology stack for their maximized concentration on cracking the invisible dramatic risks by feeding excellent blockchain projects like Shorter Finance.

Given that Shorter Finance is experiencing the timing of its users has exceeded 10k lately, coupled with the potent wingman of the Silicon Valley star OpenAI Startup Fund, more of its stacking triumphs are about to cause stirs in its communities. In some sense, one reason for the peripheral users who have not yet started using Shorter Finance to become excited about this project gradually, though, is locating themselves in a sizeable existent community and spare the trouble of condensing obsession.

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