Top 7 Web 3.0 Altcoins with Insane Potential: Chainlink (LINK)

Web 3.0 is the next generation of the internet supported by emerging technologies, including blockchain protocols, smart contracts, crypto coins, and artificial intelligence. While these should operate via decentralized protocols, some projects continue to have a strong interest, given their edge in the new era of the world wide web. Chainlink (LINK), Polygon (MATIC), and BudBlockz (BLUNT) are some of the projects with insane potential as Web 3.0 takes over as the new internet application.

Chainlink Decentralized Oracles

Chainlink is one of the biggest decentralized oracles designed to enable transparent and reliable data usage between various projects on and off the blockchain. It stands out as one of the most significant web 3.0 projects as it allows the use of smart contracts to quickly and securely connect to data sources.

While Chainlink comprises various decentralized Oracle networks, it can get data from thousands of Oracle nodes. It can also aggregate the results instead of relying on one Oracle. It also expands its services to connect smart contracts with off-chain payments and events. Therefore, it can provide data and results in the financial market, sports, and even weather.

BudBlockz Cannabis Market Opportunity

BudBlockz is another incredible project that is moving to apply Web 3.0 protocol to the rapidly growing cannabis sector. It seeks to accelerate the adoption and accessibility of cannabis. It has built the world’s first digital and fully decentralized platform. The platform offers a way for cannabis users to navigate the market and gain an understanding of legislation in various jurisdictions. Additionally, it provides an efficient way to access high-quality cannabis products.

The new project is also implementing new solutions for marijuana corporations and entrepreneurs grappling with complications with seed-to-sale tracking logistics and fundraising. While working with cannabis dispensaries, it is expanding its ecosystem while providing a wide variety of products for its users.

There is a huge market opportunity as more states in the US move to legalize cannabis. Additionally, more countries are also joining the fray legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use, paving the way for the opening up of the market. BudBlockz stands to be one of the biggest beneficiaries with the unveiling of the e-commerce platform to link users and producers in a decentralized way.

Ganja Guruz NFT

BudBlockz is applying the Non-Fungible Token technology into its infrastructure to provide an easy way to digitize real-world products. The technology is also to provide data security in the ecosystem and be used to verify eligible members. Ganja Guruz is the network’s premium line of NFTs that will accord holders membership access to various BudBlockz dispensaries worldwide. Holders can also enjoy discount codes on products available in various stores.

Nevertheless, it is the access to a fractional ownership marketplace that makes Ganja Guruz tokens stand out. The tokens will allow holders to own some stakes in cannabis dispensaries and farms awaiting other benefits throughout the project’s roadmap.

Polygon Scaling Ethereum

On the other hand, Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain or sidechain designed to work with Ethereum to make it more scalable. While Ethereum was the first blockchain to deploy smart contracts, it has encountered many troubles due to increased usage. In addition, congestion has always been a big problem affecting transaction speeds, thus triggering higher costs.

Instead of positioning itself as an Ethereum killer, Polygon has set out to make Ethereum more scalable by addressing its congestion issues. It offers scaling solutions to Ethereum, making it more efficient while providing a framework for building a blockchain.

Polygon has allowed developers and users to get the best of both worlds on fast transaction speeds and low fees with its own blockchain. Polygon is not in any way trying to outdo Ethereum. Instead, it is trying to help it support the digital age on a global scale.

Bottom Line

BudBlockz, Polygon, and Chainlink are three projects at the heart of the next generation of the internet. The trio has tremendous potential, given their proven use case and utility.

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