Turn Your Nightmare into Sweet Dreams with Supontis Token, Chainlink, Polygon

There is never a better time to buy cryptocurrencies than when the market is dipping. The concept of the crypto market still sounds foreign to many people who have had contact with cryptocurrencies in the past; many are still in doubt about the future of cryptocurrencies. 

If there is anything to take out of the cryptoverse, it is the fact that crypto is here to stay, and it can only get better. The best thing to do is get proper crypto education and an understanding of the market. This could set you on the right path to becoming more interested in the crypto story written by Satoshi Nakamoto. 

That said, with the looming crypto winter, here are some positives to take into consideration — these cryptocurrencies, comprising Supontis Token, Chainlink, and Polygon offer betters alternatives than many altcoins in the market, let’s say the market enters a green trend. 

Let’s see why below: 


Chainlink, often called the blockchain for oracles, is a network powered by Ethereum that connects blockchain networks to oracles. Oracles are intermediaries that support blockchain protocols with information from the outside world which normally cannot be recorded on a blockchain ledger by technical integration. 

For example, weather forecasts, predictions of natural disasters, time, and so forth. Oracles collect these data from primary sources and send them to blockchain protocol through APIs. Chainlink provides an easy connection between blockchain protocols and oracles to facilitate transactions in the real-world environment and encourage blockchain adoption in the secular world. 

Chainlink network is powered by the LINK token. LINK is used to secure the network and process transactions and pay for fees on the Chainlink network.  

LINK features in the top cryptocurrencies swayed by the crypto winter in 2022. The winter downsized the token liquidating more than 12 billion from the coin’s worth since its all-time high in 2021. This could present a great opportunity to hodl as the cryptocurrency will likely aim to recover its all-time high [$58 from $6] in the coming crypto summer. 


Polygon (MATIC) is another cryptocurrency you cannot overlook. MATIC, being the network token of Polygon, a familiar layer 2 scaling network on the Ethereum blockchain, has been showing positive lights in the crypto market in July and August, and is set to embark on a long positive trend that could be seen in a yearly chart frame. 

Polygon is one of the cryptocurrencies accepted by mainstream institutions like Stripe, Disney, etc. Its coin will possibly be one of the upsets of the next crypto bull run. 

Supontis Token (PON) 

Supontis Token (PON) is another cryptocurrency like Polygon that could upset the DeFi token market. At the time of writing, Supontis Token’s launch could usher it into one of the sought-after cryptocurrencies in the chart. 

You would not want to risk missing out on Supontis Token at its infant stages of the presale. You can get the $PON token at very cheap prices with additional bonuses. For instance, you get $50 instantly when your referral buys Supontis Token worth $200. The more they buy, the more money you earn. 

There is also an instant bonus you get once you sign up and purchase $PON tokens using any of the popular tokens that include ETH, BNB, USDT, BTC, XRP, etc.  

To buy Supontis Token instantly: 

  • Navigate to the presale section and enter your basic details 

  • Also, enter your preferred purchase crypto, and the amount you wish to receive. 

Learn more on Supontis Token below: 

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