Want 10x your savings with Ethereum? Big Eyes Coin has the potential to do 100x

The cryptocurrency market has prided itself in offering an array of methods and mediums through which passive income can be attained. And some of them generate more than financial success, sometimes adding something extra for the benefit of their users, players, or clients, which only further goes to show that the crypto-verse is a truly special place with something for everyone.

But with the generation of wealth as the main factor that gains interest and attention, it is vital to spot the best coins to fulfil requirements as much as possible. As a result, many turn to high-ranking cryptocurrencies to stake on, putting their trust in the experiences and records of the accumulated wealth of coins like Solana and more impressively, Ethereum.

But what if there was a coin that could potentially generate a hundred times as much wealth as Ethereum? This coin is a recent introduction and even though it hasn’t been launched, it has been met with impressive fervour and anticipation with many attracted to its refreshing spin on meme coins, along with its promise to not only line people’s pockets but help heal the world as well.

This new meme coin is called Big Eyes and it is challenging all other coins out there to hold onto their ranks while they still can. If you want to know what it’s got on them, keep scrolling.

Ethereum – Experienced and excellent on all counts

There is hardly anyone who is in the crypto market that hasn’t heard of Ethereum (ETH). Even mere onlookers who have only considered cryptocurrency exchanges in passing have at least been made aware of this prestigious coin, even though they might not be sure of what it does or how it functions. And that’s what this article is meant to help with.

Ethereum is quite a renowned player in the cryptocurrency market, second only to Bitcoin and it operates as a software platform based on blockchain that can be utilized to receive and send value around the world with its native token $ETH. Ethereum (also known as Ether) eliminates the requirement for third-party interference and has many other features, uses, and benefits. Ethereum was initially proposed by Vitalik Buterin, a Russian Canadian computer programmer, in 2013 and was officially launched in 2015. It was designed to broaden the utility of cryptocurrencies by permitting developers to build special applications of their own. Such Ethereum-based apps became known as Decentralized Applications (dApps), which execute by themselves with the implementation of smart contracts.

These smart contracts are innovative code-based programs retained on the Ethereum blockchain and they execute specific functions automatically when the pre-established conditions are met. All the dApps built on the Ethereum blockchain are based on these smart contracts, and even other decentralized applications developed on other blockchain platforms. Ethereum possesses its own blockchain within which a global network consisting of over two million computers referred to as nodes keep a record of transactions. Ethereum’s nodes can be run by anyone and as long as they have the necessary time, hardware, and knowledge needed to commit to it, they can also be network validators.

Ethereum is about to embark on a new upgrade it calls Ethereum 2.0 (also referred to as “Serenity”) and this will enable the crypto project to become much faster, more scalable, and efficient by transferring the network from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-stake (PoS) system. Ethereum’s new PoS system (dubbed “Casper”) plans to be executed by having the network’s users lock up their coins to become contributors to the network, which will replace the use of energy-consuming and expensive mining equipment. Every staker will need to lock up 32 ethers or become a member of a staking pool and add their ether with that of others to partake in creating new blocks on the ETH proof-of-stake blockchain.

Big Eyes Coin – Endless possibilities within a cute baddie

Big Eyes Coin has recently been brought up to the cryptocurrency market as a potential game changer and everyone is loving it. The coin has gone where no meme coin has, creating a new feline path and structure, rather than riding on the already established fame and success of the doggy market and the pure brazenness of it all has people stunned. Because no one expected it to pack this much traction as a joke currency addition to a saturated market, but Big Eyes Coin isn’t here to merely sell funny memes.

Nope, Big Eyes Coin is selling something much more special – cute. No one expected it, but if anyone can get away with this, it most certainly is this brave little kitty coin. Big Eyes is a community-driven cryptocurrency created and developed to summon wealth into the DeFi ecosystem. Big Eyes’ goals do not only lie with the need to enable its users to afford all that they want to, but it also wants to relieve the earth of some of its burdens by donating to charities that work to heal the ocean.

Big Eyes’ plan is to capitalize on its irresistible cuteness, promoting through the influencer economy whilst equipped with the powerful force of media to ensure that its name rings loud and clear for the remainder of 2022. Big Eyes is a ‘power to the people kind of cat’ wholly focused and committed to its kitty cuddlers and so it ensured that 90% of its token would be available to its users from the first day of its launch. 70% of that has been allocated to the currently ongoing pre-sale and 20% has been retained for exchanges. Big Eyes users also get to enjoy tax-free shopping experiences backed by a dynamic tax system, along with the possibility of owning NFTs ranked within the top ten. NFT holders will be granted exclusive access to events Big Eyes hosts.

Big Eyes plans to unveil its merch store soon as well, providing cute pieces of merchandise that will further promote the popularity of its token $BIG, 5% of which has been set in a marketing wallet to ensure that Big Eyes is consistently in the purview of the world. The remaining 5% is being held in a marketing wallet from which charity donations will be made. Big Eyes believes that the planet is owed so much and the least it can do for its home is to fund organizations working tirelessly to lessen the effects of pollution and negligence of water-based ecosystems.

Big Eyes wants to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency, starting with meme coins, operating its platform in ways that are deliberate and powerful with each component supplying the project with popularity and the community with constant wealth, and the charity with enough financial backing to boost the awareness of the project and the health of the planet.

Big Eyes’ pre-sale for its token is currently live and currently, there are only 9.21 billion tokens still waiting to be claimed. Users can purchase 10,000 BIG tokens for 1 USDT and they can buy the tokens from the official website, using either their cards, ETH or USDT. Once the pre-sale ends, the tokens can be claimed.

In conclusion, Big Eyes and Ethereum are both strong contenders when placed side by side. Those who require a formal means of acquiring wealth can stand with Ethereum, with its impressive records over the years to serve as knowledge of its workings.

Big Eyes is a fresh, heartwarming concept for people who understand the importance of dreams and wish to give back to the world. Big Eyes hasn’t even launched officially, but it has raised more than $1 million, which is over half of its goal. If that doesn’t speak greatly of the massive potential of this coin, what will?


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